Playmoove system garantees maximum configuration flexibility and client-facing integration. Although, it is possible to use client mobile and back office systems realized by Playmoove and provided in white label, customers willing to implement out of standard flows or searching for a unique and customized experience to manage their own business can realize independently report control panels or mobile applications with no restrictions.

Users and Clients Manager

Customer management, subscription process, validation of customer profiles and ID document.

Booking Manager

Reservation Management, with different state flows, according the different kind of “sharing” applied

Subscriptions Manager

Plans management, rates, subscriptions and discounts.

Billing Manager

Invoicing and cost files emission. E-Bill

Hardware devices Manager

Communication with vehicles and remote control of vehicle onboard communication HWs.

Payment Gateways&Manager

Payment gateways management – pre authorizations and charges.

Driving licences and IDs Manager

Check, approve and manage identification document and driving licenses.

Assets and Fleet Manager

Parking lots and vehicle management.

Federation System

Build a multiple-fleet ecosystem with a master account which can access all fleets and sub-accounts to manage every single fleet.

Customer Service API appliances

Customize and integrate Playmoove with third parties applications (e.g. Zendesk, IFFT, Quickbooks etc)

Damages Reports Manager

Damages management, maintenance and communication with users.

Rates Manager

Create and manage all the rates for you services.

Hundreds of Functions

Managing Your Business

Playmoove is an all-in-one solution for your business: every aspect is covered and you can pivot or spin-off your business if needed! In addition to the endless possibilities for customization, Playmoove guarantees the possibility to integrate or replace many of its modules with external applications without impairing the stability of the system.

All this information can be overwhelming. The good news is, we are here for you!

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